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education with science to match the global changes


Institute vision,Mission &core value


To be the high learning institution which provide different training programs to prepare intellectuals who will serve the people professionally and sustainably.


     To serve the Community in developing different professionals Programs which embrace all aspects of technology sciences ,Applied sciences, liberal Arts, business ,cultural, Economic and human resources in promoting human intellectuals.

Our Core Values 

Our  enduring values from 2003 -2013  as follows:

Respect:The respect to our customers and the unique members  is of the  most importance in achieving , vision and mission of our institute.

Integrity: we value integrity in every aspects of life as we deal with our stakeholders for health, prosperity, of the  individuals members of our organization and stakeholders.

Responsibility: We value  sense of  responsibility that individuals assume for their actions and decisions in perusing interests of the institute. Responsibility should be maintained by showing consistence efforts by individuals staff, Departments, faculty, Students, by actively engaging them in making the Mwanza Polytechnic the better place to Work, Learn and Teach.

Continuous improvements: we value the continuous improvement by doing  ongoing efforts of the entire organization community by sharing the common mission and vision in maintaining common dialogue about ways to improve through monitoring our key indicators and willingness to experiment with new solutions to problems.

Collaborations and Co operations: We value working together with other institutions, Individuals who have similar vision, mission and objectives by sharing works, projects ,researches in the interdisciplinary  academic activities and Programs ,and partnership with  business, industry ,government agencies and all segments of education spectrum.

  • We value students who seek knowledge and its practical applications in life .
  • We value graduates  of our College who contribute to the state, Regional and Globally development.
  • We value Departments and staff who work and share their knowledge and experiences with students in their teaching and learning process by actively engaging in their academics affairs.
  • We value staff and administrators who ensure they do their duties perfectly to support College business and provide superior students for superior good.